Earlier this year our CEO, Hayley Jennings and gorgeous client Louise French gave an interview regarding hairless and hair thinning.  

Hayley is also the CEO of The Yorkshire Hair loss Clinic in Huddersfield, a clinic that specialises in treating clients that suffer from hairless due to stress, illness or genetics.  

Louise has suffered for many years withe hair loss and hair thinning due to hormones and had struggled for years to find a solution.  That was until she met Hayley! Hayley uses our customised integration system to help conceal Louise's thinning hair.  This allows Louise's hair to grow and develop underneath the system whilst the system sits on top of the hair protecting everything underneath.

This is an emotional topic for women and most ladies don't like to open up about it as it can be seen as embarrassing but through these systems women now have an accessible solution!

It's incredibly brave of Louise to have opened up to the examiner and i mean how amazing does she look?!

If you suffer for hair loss or hair thinning and would like to take control back then ring the salon on 01422 823329 for a free consolation. 

Hayley Jennings