Catherine Bowden - The Start of the Colour Blend!

2 gorgeous creations from the salon!

2 gorgeous creations from the salon!

At the start of our ColourBlend journey 2 of the owners and managers of House of Creation, Hayley Jennings and Jess Patrick, travelled to Manchester to meet hair colouring genius, Catherine Boden. 

Catherine is the creator of a colouring technique we refer to as The Hollywood Colour Blend. This innovative technique is used to create a colour look consisting of up to 15 different tones and glosses to create a healthy, multidimensional look. This technique is designed to prolong the life of your colour, lasting vibrantly for up to 6 months!

Catherine teaches a technique of 'painting the hair' to work free hand to create natural blends in the hair. This is an intensive colour treatment that takes time and patience but is well worth the wait once the final product is revealed.

Hayley and Jess travelled to Manchester for a highly intensive 1 day course to be trained by Catherine herself. The 3 spent the day exchanging knowledge and techniques and both Hayley and Jess learnt a lot from this colour connoisseur. 

Once the course was finished Hayley and Jess came back to the salon to put what they had learnt into practice. They started offering the colour service to our existing and new clients and found that the service was becoming really popular not only with women, but also the men!

As the popularity of the ColourBlend grew, so did the distance people were willing to travel to have the service. We have clients from everywhere from Cornwall to Scotland. We also have clients travelling overseas, from as far as Australia! One of our clients, Frankie, comes once every year to have her blend refreshed and her roots topped up. Because of the natural look and growth patterns in the colour blend, this just shows how little maintenance is required, just once a year! 

We were featured in Northside Magazine in 2017 under the title 'Hollywood Colour Blend Launches in Yorkshire.' The article goes onto say the following: 'Ripponden based salon, House of Creation, is the first in the county to train in Hollywood Colour Blend - the new technique taking the industry by storm. Since launch it has announced a significant increase in business from old and new clinets aspiring for the latest trend which not only gives a new dimesnion in colour but also lasts a lot longer.' Although this article was from 2017, it is still available online if anyone would like to read the full piece. 

The Hollywood Colour Blend is one of our most popular services we do in the salon and something we have become known for. 

Because of the size of the service we reccomend a FREE consultation.

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