The Beautiful Truth Campaign


The Beautiful Truth Campaign - Hayley Jennings, Eva Proudman, Ann Fegan, Shelley Pengilly and Nicole Rimmer have worked together to create this campaign, to help educate hairdressing professionals on how best to help clients with hair loss and hair thinning!

The Beautiful Truth Campaign is a campaign organised to help educate hairdressing professionals on how to help their clients who suffer with hair loss or hair thinning. 

Through video, seminars and presentations on social media the campaign is designed to help educate not only hairdressers, but also salon owners and company representatives. 

Whilst the campaign does focus on solutions and remedies to hair loss and hair thinning, the message is also about true beauty, no matter what form of hair loss or hair thinning the client may have. 

This is a ground breaking project that is the first in the UK of its kind.